Mini Musical Theatre Workshops
(ages 6-10)

Our week long workshops are the perfect introduction to theatre for young actors, as well as those young performers looking for more experience. Students will review basic theatre terminology, staging and choreography through fun theatre games and classes. Let your child shine on stage while building CONFIDENCE, enhancing their CREATIVITY and improving CONCENTRATION and memory skills. Performances take place on the last day of each workshop in our very own 115 seat theatre.

“My son started taking the Mini Theatre Workshops years ago and it did a wonderful job of preparing him for the older, advanced workshops. He has loved being on stage and now has found his passion in the tech booth. He wouldn’t have had these opportunities if we hadn’t found Dance Unlimited!”   – Jeannine M.

There’s something fishy about this circus… See what happens in this hilarious mystery as Detective Alfredo (who just so happens to be afraid of clowns) tries to solve the case.
Date: June 26 – 30 

Time: 9am -12pm
Performance: June 30 at 12pm
Cost: $195

Follow Alice as she tumbles into Wonderland and encounters several quirky character such as the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and two silly Tweedles as she tries to make her way back home. 

Date: July 3 – 7 

Time: 9am – 12pm
Performance: July 7 at 12pm
Cost: $195

Princess Florabel has mocked and turned away every suitor who comes to call. Her father forces her to marry a poor fiddler – who is actually a King in disguise! – to teach her about humility and respect. Will Princess Florabel learn her lesson?

Date: August 7 – 11 

Time: 9am -12pm
Performance: August 11 at 12pm
Cost: $195