Youth Accelerated Dance Program (Ages 7-13)

Designed to provide pre-professional training for the serious student studying several days a week. Classes are geared to both professional bound students, as well as students seeking the structure and discipline of a professional curriculum.


(2nd-8th grade) A blend of ballet and contemporary dance techniques. Dancers often perform to music with lyrics which serve as inspiration for the dancer’s movements and expression. Minimum age: second grade. Dancers must also be enrolled in ballet and/or have director approval. Promotion to level 2 requires solid classical ballet technique.
Youth Lyrical 1A Monday 6:45-7:45
Youth Lyrical 2/3A Monday 5:30-6:30


(2nd-8th grade) Class content will include: basic ballet positions, ballet vocabulary, how to work at the ballet barre, center floor exercises and variations. Instruction will assist young dancers develop a sense of correct alignment (posture) and improve concentration skills. Promotion to next level by practical and written exam.
Jr Ballet 1A Thursday 4:15-5:15
Jr Ballet 2A Saturday 9:45-10:45
Jr Ballet 3A Thursday 4:15-5:15

TAP/JAZZ 2A, 3A and 4A

(3rd-8th grade) Advanced beginner tap/jazz class for the serious younger dancer. The purpose is to prepare young dancers who exhibit interest in competitive teams and/or advanced level work through a guided curriculum. Enrollment in a minimum of Jr Ballet and Youth Lyrical is required, with director approval for admission into this class.
Tap/Jazz 2A Monday 5:30-6:30
Tap/Jazz 3A Wednesday 4:15-5:15
Tap/Jazz 4A Tuesday 4:15-5:15


Class will focus on developing ballet and jazz technique, as well as balance, control, flexibility, and strength. Students should be working at the Jr. Ballet 2A Level or above; however, younger students will be accepted as space permits. Students will do yoga on the first class of the month.
Friday 4:15-5:15

ACRO GYMNASTICS (Gymnastics for Dancers)

Placement by instructor. Class will improve strength, flexibility and stamina, resulting in a more powerful and enhanced dance performance.
Acro/Gym (level 1) Thursday 6:45-7:45
Acro/Gym (level 2) Tuesday 8:00-9:00
Acro/Gym (level 3) Thursday 8:00-9:00
Acro/Gym (level 4) Tuesday 6:45-7:45


Do you love musicals? Then this is class for you! Perfect for performers trying to boost their dance ability for school or community theatre shows & auditions OR who want extra dance training and just happen to love show tunes. Class will include jazz & tap and is designated to help performers gain skills and gain confidence in musical theatre dance. Several combinations will be taught throughout the year, focusing on character and interpretation of some of your favorite musicals from the stage and screen.
Grades 4-6: Tuesday 5:30-6:30
Grades 7-12: Monday 4:30-5:30