ADULT EVENING Summer Session

TAP – Wednesdays, 6/28 to 8/9 6:45-7:45pm
A mix of rhythm and classic tap. Whether you’re new to dance, experienced or somewhere in between, you’ll get a good workout and enjoy new challenges each week. Class will be taught to accommodate all levels. Cost: $95 for 7 weeks

Instructor: Donna Grim

STRETCH – Wednesdays, 6/28 to 8/9 7:45-8:30pm
Enjoy a pain free life! This 45 minute active stretch session is perfect for the 9-5 desk sitter, avid runner or the mom on the go. Gain flexibility, reduce fatigue and relieve stress due to your everyday routine. Appropriate for all ages. Cost: $65 for 7 weeks

Instructor: Donna Grim

BALLET – Thursdays, 6/29 to 8/10 6:45-7:45pm
This class will accommodate all levels and keep adult dancers in shape and moving through the summer months. You’ll enjoy barre work to promote good technique and posture, as well as variations with both classical and modern flare. Cost: $95 for 7 weeks

Instructor: Gayle Williams

JAZZ – Tuesdays, 6/27 to 8/8 6:45-7:45pm
Jazz combines the technique of ballet with the modern forms of current dance styles to create a high energy and very popular style of dance. Through warm ups, floor crossings, combos and other exercises, you will improve on flexibility and technique while fine tuning musicality and style. (18+). Cost: $95 for 7 weeks

Instructor: Tabetha Bostic

Register for Adult Ballet, Tap or Jazz  and then you can add on Adult Stretch
for only $35!