5 week Summer Session

Starting July 9th thru August 8th

TINY TOTS (ages 2.5 – 3) Tuesday (7/9-8/6) 4:45-5:15pm $80
A fun and playful 30 minute class for the tiny dancer that will teach creative movement and basic ballet while also including introduction of lines, patterns, shapes and spatial awareness. Average age 3 (youngest accepted must be 2 1/2 by June 1st)

PRE-KINDER (age 4) Tuesday (7/9-8/6) 5:30-6:15pm $95
This class follows a pre-ballet and introduction to tap curriculum designed to excite and engage your little dancer while encouraging confidence and creativity. dancers will use fun props along with kid friendly music to develop porper posture, muscle strength and coordination while learning how to follow directions. Class is especially designed for pre-schoolers.

KDANZ (age 5) Thursday (7/11-8/8) 5:30-6:30pm $110
A great basic ballet & tap combo class for 5 year olds that balances creative movement exploration and a solid dance foundation. The class will also focus on introducing rhythm skills and musicality. Dancers will benefit from practicing taking turns and working as a group. Also appropriate for some 6 year olds.

KIDS COMBO Tap/Jazz (grades 1st-3rd)
Wednesday (7/10-8/7) 4:30-5:30pm $110

This class is sure to keep your dancer on their toes with a mix of tap & jazz! Class will include a warm up, across the floor skills and fun combinations that work on rhythm, energy and a solid technical foundation.

KIDS HIP HOP (grades 1st-4th)
Thursday (7/11-8/8) 4:30-5:30pm $110
YOUTH HIP HOP (grades 5th-8th)
Tuesday (7/9-8/6) 5:45-6:45pm $110

TEEN HIP HOP (grades 9th-12th)

Tuesday (7/9-8/6) 5:45-6:45pm $110

It’s time to get funky! Come explore the electrifying world of hip hop. This energetic and powerful style of dance has exploded in popularity over the last decade or so. Dancers will learn isolations and different styles of “street dance” to emulate popular music videos and artists. Great for developing coordination & precision.

YOUTH BALLET (Jr Ballet 1A & 2A levels – approx. grades 2nd-6th)
Tuesday (7/9-8/6), 6:45-7:45pm $110

An advanced beginner/intermediate ballet class for the focused dancer wishing to train in a more formal environment. Instruction will assist dancers in developing correct body placement, posture and a strong foundational technique. Dancers will learn how to work at the ballet barre, center floor exercises and ballet combinations. Solid color leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes required.

YOUTH LYRICAL (grades 4th-6th)
Thursday (7/11-8/8), 5:30-6:30pm $110

For the motivated dancers looking to take multiple classes at the advanced beginner/intermediate level. Lyrical is a blend of ballet and contemporary dance techniques. Dancers often perform to lyrics which serve as inspiration for the dancer’s movements and expressions. This class must be taken in conjunction with Youth Ballet.

YOUTH COMBO Tap/Jazz (grades 4th-6th)
Wednesday (7/10-8/7), 5:30-6:30pm $110
A mix of Broadway & rhythm style tap, and classic & funky style jazz – Tap class will progress through a warm up, floor crossings and mini combinations while fine tuning rhythm skills, accents and dance flow. Jazz will focus on flexibility, technique and style in various center and traveling combinations/exercises.

Teen Summer Classes are taught to accommodate multiple levels, but are primarily for the Intermediate/Advanced dancer.

TECHNIQUE (Master Class) (grades 5th-12th)
Thursday (7/11-8/8), 4:30-5:30pm $110

TEEN TAP (grades 7th-12th)
Tuesday (7/9-8/6), 4:30-5:30pm $110

TEEN JAZZ (grades 7th-12th)
Wednesday (7/10-8/7), 4:30-5:30pm $110

TEEN CONTEMPORARY (grades 7th-12th)
Wednesday (7/10-8/7), 5:30-6:30pm $110

TEEN BALLET (grades 7th-12th, approx. Jr Ballet 3A and up leveling)
Wednesday (7/10-8/7), 6:45-8:00pm $130

Wednesday (7/10-8/7), 8:00-9:00pm $110