A note from Dance Unlimited Director, Donna Grim (3/4/22)

Dear Dance Unlimited Families, 

After much discussion with staff, teachers, and DU families, we will be relaxing our mask policies in phases – beginning Monday, March 7th. 

As you know the CDC has revised its guidance – stating that masks are not required for the general public in areas of low transmission.  Frederick County falls into this category.  Face coverings are no longer required on school buses or inside Frederick County Public Schools.  

With this information in hand, we’ve discussed and discussed the best approach moving forward for our students and studio..  At this stage of the game – I can’t imagine anyone really has the right answer or safest option.  I think Frederick is in good shape and we’re ready to move forward BUT my main concern is to make sure our dancers feel comfortable and safe in class – meaning their readiness (or not) to come to dance without a mask.  Or be comfortable wearing a mask if they are in the minority.  We must remember, some of our students have never been to a dance class without a mask.  

Rather than just move right to optional masking – I’d like to begin in steps

On Monday, March 7 we will move to PHASE 1 – masks required by ALL in hallways, restroom, etc.  BUT optional in classes. Students may decide whether or not to wear a mask in their dance or acting class.   This will give kids a week or two to ease into – STILL ANOTHER MASKING PLAN.  THEN, we will move to —

PHASE 2 – masks optional anywhere and everywhere.  This will begin March 21st.

During both Phase 1 & 2 teachers and staff will continue to mask in the building and studios so those students who do not feel comfortable removing their mask yet – will have someone else masked along their side. I know some are very nervous about it all and we want to give students an opportunity to ease into dancing maskless (IF THEY WISH) without pressure to go along with peers. 

The teachers and staff will continue to mask until we achieve a suitable comfort level for all students.

Please continue to monitor your health. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or you yourself have tested positive – please stay home for the appropriate amount of time as determined by the CDC. We all have a responsibility to protect those among us most at risk.  

Donna Grim