A note from Dance Unlimited Director, Donna Grim (8/11/21)

Hello families, 

I’m guessing that you are beginning to wonder how we will handle the mask vs no mask issue this coming season.  I can’t believe I have to make this decision AGAIN.  I thought things were moving to the good, but the Delta variant coupled with the many who are not vaccinated has changed my outlook.  

Things are changing in the country, the CDC has revised their guidelines, and FCPS has followed suit.     

After much discussion and research, we will return to required masks for all.  Will everyone be happy?  Doubtful, but I must go with my heart and what is best for the overall safety of our students and staff.  AND so we can keep our studio open and lessen the need to limit class size and enable students to have a positive social experience.  We must keep in mind that a large percentage of our students are not even eligible for the vaccine yet, so we must work as a community and for the greater good – and wear those masks a little longer.  It is vital for our students that we move through the year without constant disruptions due to quarantine requirements or viral outbreaks. 

The good news is that when your dancer returns to class – we will be operating very close to pre-covid.  No more grids on the floor, the Cafe will be open for business, Tots Lounge is ready for parents, Fitness Room open for dancers, and Showcases will return.  No more social distancing lines down the hallway or temp checks at the front door.  HOWEVER, to bring all these things back, we must return to masks for all – for the time being.  

It is my hope that we may feel comfortable removing this mask requirement for our vaccinated students in the coming months.  If things in the community and studio go well during the return to school and dance, we shall revisit the mask mandate for vaccinated students.  


1.  Masks will be required for all students, staff, and instructors.  And parents entering the building.  

2.  We shall social distance our students when possible, but will not restrict class content, instruction, or friendly hallway student gatherings which have been so missed. 

3.  Dancers will be asked to sanitize hands before and after class. Please remind your dancer.  

4.  Ventilation and enhanced cleaning shall continue. 

5.  All teachers and office staff have received the vaccine. 

6.  Parents are reminded to please keep dancers home if they are not feeling well.

7.  We encourage parents to limit their inside studio visits for the time being so we can keep hallways as open as possible.  The parents of our very young dancers – Tiny Tots, PreK, and KDanz – are certainly welcome to come inside.  AND of course, parents are encouraged to stop by for FIRST DAY ‘top of class’ announcements and meet new teachers.  

Our current plan is to re-visit the mask mandate in 30 days.  Next update will be October 1st.  

I appreciate your cooperation as we move forward and continue to provide superior dance and acting training, and a safe haven for all. 

Donna Grim 


The level of corona virus transmission in Frederick County is now considered “substantial” by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, crossing the threshold at which the public health agency recommends that everyone — regardless of vaccination status — resume masking in public indoor settings.