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random page pic (3)“They have it all at the Performing Arts Factory.  For 15 yrs our family has enjoyed every facet of performing available for each member of our family.  Acting, Dancing and Musical Theatre, Recreation, Competition, all levels can be found under this one roof.  We love it here!” -Lorraine Ebbin (mother of 3 girls)


“My daughter really enjoyed being in Mini Company this past year and is looking forward to being involved again.  She loved getting to make new friends and dancing with other girls her age that weren’t in her normal class.  She loved getting to perform at competitions and cabarets throughout the year instead of having just the recital at the end of the year.  The time commitment was good for her age and not too much for the rest of the family.  She has always had just one dance class each year, so the Mini Co.  allowed us to see if she was really interested in dancing more and adding more classes as she got older.  I felt she learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it.” -Laura Platner


“My daughter’s birthday party was fantastic, thanks to Dance Unlimited!  All of the girls were so excited to come to the hip hop dance party!  They gave my daughter a cool hat with her name spelled out in glittery “bling” that she still wears, and all of the kids at the party got wrist bands.  There were 2 instructors, in full costume, who ran a hip hop class – everyone had such a good time. Dance Unlimited was super flexible and great about planning the party.  It was perfect for a big party – there was plenty of room for dancing, time to open presents which you don’t usually get anymore, and there was a separate area set up when it was time for cake.  We didn’t have to share party coordinators or space with other parties like you normally have to at other places – they focused only on us and it was great!  The price was really reasonable, too. Thanks DU for a great birthday party!!!”- Allison Seaton


“Our family just completed our first year with The Performing Arts Factory. My daughters, 11 and 8, have had a wonderful experience! My older daughter was able to “drop in” and sample possible classes that she may be involved with before we made a definite decision about Dance Unlimited. It was great for her to be able to try out different levels/classes and was able to feel comfortable before making a commitment. Over the course of this past year, my children have learned about being supportive on a dance team, professionalism, courtesy, and their listening skills have improved. I have seen a difference in confidence and poise that conveys not just in the dance studio, or on stage, but in their everyday lives. Their general skill/technique level has grown quite a bit too. The teachers and the other children in the programs here are kind and warmhearted. The families of students here are very supportive of each other as well. Performing Arts Factory has made a hugely positive impact on my entire family, and we will take as many years, and as much of it as we can get!”- The Gasemy Family (2008)


“The quality of lessons learned here in all facets of performing arts are clear when these performers go outside the studio. I had a parent stop and ask where [my daughter] took her Dancing and Acting classes, because the professionalism on and off stage was evident. The director and entire team of teachers at The Performing Arts Factory should be super proud that you are succeeding across the board with having an entire performing arts package in one space! The list of successful performing artists and successful people in general gets more expansive as the years go by! I appreciate this – so THANK YOU!” – Maggi Gasemy (2016)

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Irish Dance Instruction by:
Lauren McGrath Dutton


Ballroom Dance instruction by:
Jody White
DVIDA Certified Dance Instructor